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Function Explanation How to do it A link [URL][/URL]
This is a link A link [URL=]This is a link[/URL]
Click Here A link [URL=]Click Here[/URL]
An image [IMG][/IMG] Make an email link [EMAIL][/EMAIL]
Bold Text Make text bold [B]Bold text[/B]
Italic text Make text italic [I]Italic text[/I]
Underlined text Make text underlined [U]Underline text[/U]
Strike Through text Strike Through text [STRIKE]Strike Through text[/STRIKE]

Horizontal Line [HR]
Subscript text Subscript text [SUB]Subscript text[/SUB]
Superscript text Superscript text [SUP]Superscript text[/SUP]
Red Text Red Text [RED]Red text[/RED]
Blue Text Blue Text [BLUE]Blue text[/BLUE]
Green Text Green Text [GREEN]Green text[/GREEN]
Yellow Text Yellow Text [YELLOW]Yellow text[/YELLOW]
User defined colours Sets color to #xxxxxx [COLOR=#xxxxxx]Set font color[/COLOR]
BIG text Sets font size (0-7) [SIZE=#x]Set font size[/SIZE]
Change font Sets font [FONT=courier]Set font type[/FONT]
Embeds Youtube video [YOUTUBE]Video Number[/YOUTUBE]
sdrawkcaB stnirP Prints Backwards [REV]Prints Backwards [/REV]
highlights text Highlights text to #xxxxxx colour [HIGHLIGHT=#xxxxxx]Prints highlighted text [/HIGHLIGHT]
Displays link to another thread [THREAD]thread id number [/THREAD]
Adds link to Ebay auction [EBAY]Auction Number[/EBAY]

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