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Possible to check multiple TLDs automatically.

Hi Colin,

Quick question regarding FunkWhois.

I don't know if this is possible, but I will ask anyway. Is there a way to make FunkWhois always check the following 3 TLDs: .nl, .eu and .com?

Maybe I can explain easier by giving two examples.

Example 1: Client uses the Whois to check an .info domainname if it's available. When using the whois it would display the results from the following TLDs: .info, .nl, .eu and .com.

Example 2: If a client uses the whois to check a .nl domainname, the results would be shows from the .nl, .eu and .com.

Is this possible?
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Colin Birch
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I've just uploaded a modified version which comes close to what you want. There's a new option in the config file, 'runmode'. If this is set to '0' the script will act as before and display the drop down box of tlds for the user to choose. If the option is set to '1' then no list is displayed and the user gets shown the results of all the tlds in the file 'tlds.php'. So, to get what you want you would set $runmode = "1"; in the config file and include the details for .info, .nl, .eu and .com in the tlds.php file. The user would then enter the domain name and he would be shown the results for .info, .nl, .eu and .com


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