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FunkBoard is web-based message board written in PHP. It supports Postgres and MySQL as databases.
It has all the features that seemed to make sense to go into the board.

Installing FunkBoard CF

Before you start, you need:
1) PHP >= 3.0.15
2) A MySQL or PostgreSQL database

1) Download the package. Unzip. It's probably done already :)
2) If you are using Postgres, open "db/postgres.php", and find "var $port", and inside the quotes after that, fill in the port number.
3) Upload all the files (the images in BINARY, and the php scripts in ASCII).
4) Go to the admin directory.
4a) If you are using MySQL, run ""
4b) If you are using Postgres, run ""
5) Now, go to "", and log in with the username "funk" and password "funk".
6) Go to Global Settings, in the links in the left-hand frame, and change the username & password.
7) FunkBoard is now installed, all you need to do now is customise it to suit your site.

Configure FunkBoard CF

Editing FunkBoard is pretty simple. Customising instructions are below, but first some admin functions are explained.

Here is a list of things an administrator may have to perform, and how to do them.

--Closing the board:
To close the board, go into your admin area, go to "Settings->Global Settings" in the left-hand side menu.
Scroll down to "Is your BB viewable?". If you want to turn the BB off, check the "No" box.
If you want to fill in a reason why the BB is off, there is a box below where you can enter it. If you don't enter one, the standard BB closed message will be given.

Go to "Settings->Global Settings". Where it says "Allow signatures in posts" just tick either the yes or no box

--Private Forums:
First, you must make a forum (or use one already created). Then go to "Private Forums->Add". Choose the forum
you want to make private, and enter the user numbers of the people allowed
to enter. You can modify the users allowed in "Private Forums->Modify" later.
Those users will have to log in with a cookie-enabled browser to access those

--Editing,Banning or Deleting users:
To modify a user go to "Edit User->Modify/Ban A User". You are now shown a list of users. Just click on the required icon next to the selected user and away you go.

--Mass Deleting Posts:
Go to "Mass Delete->Mass Delete Posts". In the box, you should enter the number of days posts you want saved. For example, if you want to delete all the posts before the last 2 weeks, enter 14 in the box. All posts in the last 2 weeks will be saved, and ones before that will be deleted. Choose the forum you want to delete them in (or all of them). There is no confirmation, so be careful.

--Cookie path:
There should no need to ever change the cookie path.

--Time zone:
For now, the Time Zone text doesn't change anything in the time, though the time is taken from your server, so it probably isn't GMT.

1) Changing colours: done through the admin system.
2) Changing the logo: done through the admin system.
3) Change top and bottom templates: the info is in "html.php", but be careful to leave any $variables intact.
4) Templates: any of the templates can be edited through the admin system.
5) Implementing your own templates: There is a templates() function. When you've created your template through the admin system, you can use "echo templates(mytemplate);" to print the contents of the template, or "$mytemplate=templates(mytemplate);" to assign it to a variable.


To upgrade from a previous version of FunkBoard follow these simple steps:

1, Rename your current info.php file to info.back
2, Upload all the new files into your FunkBoard directory. The 'images' directory in binary format, all the others in ASCII.
3, Delete the info.php file
4, Rename info.back to info.php
5, Run the relavent upgrade_.xxxx.php file(s)

Upgrading is a cumulative thing- for example; to upgrade from 0.4 to 0.65, run the appropriate script to upgrade 0.4->0.5, then the script to upgrade 0.5->0.52, then 0.52->0.63, then 0.63-> 0.64 and finally 0.64->0.65

To upgrade from 0.64 to 0.65 just run the upgrade_.64-.65.php

The upgrade_.xxxxxx.php file(s) MUST be copied into your main funkboard folder before you can run it.


Colin Birch          : Current development
Paul Murphy       : Original Code and some graphics
Roland Andriese : Some graphics
Wesley Lantz      : Fix for the Postgres class

Beta tester          : Brad Fisher

Very special thanks to:-

Paul Murphy for writting the original code for FunkBoard.


If you make any hacks, please contribute them to the site (, so other people can download and use them.


Copyright © 2003-2011 - Colin Birch